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Winroc is removed from shareware and is now available for personal use.

Programmed by - Steve Roberson,  he left us before his time. This is his wish and legacy!



NEW Nov 7 2007 -- Update  MASTER.MOT  file, (284kb).   Added files listed here - 110707.txt   (102kb)

                Just copy this file over the existing file. If you have you own saved "MASTER.MOT file, you can rename either file and then load the new file under "File" then "Choose Motor File..."


NEW Dec 7 2009 -- Winroc motor update-  CTI_1209.ZIP  file, (148kb)  motor file for - Cesaroni Technology Incorporated (CTI)

NEW Dec 5 2009 -- Winroc motor update-  AT_KBA_110109.ZIP  file, (163kb)  motor file for -

NEW Dec 16 2009 -- Winroc motor update-  RATT1200909.ZIP  file, (4kb)  motor file for -

NEW Feb 27 2010  -- Winroc motor update-  Sky Ripper Sys 022110.ZIP file, (10kb)  motor file for -  (Thanks to Ron McGough)


Windows WINROC Rocket Software

Easy-to-use altitude prediction software, includes motor files and center-of-pressure calculations.

Winroc includes Altitude Calculator - CP Calculator - Motor Wizard - Thrust Curve Manager - and Graphing capability's.

Addition complete info in Adobe Acrobat format - "About Winroc" (83K)            Get Adobe Acrobat here.


Download - Winroc 4.5, this is a "zip" file. (about 5.49MB)    

Download - Winroc Help files in ".doc" format, Altitude Calculator, - CP Calculator, - Thrust Curve, - Graphing.

                               (Included with Winroc 4.5)


Download - The Winroc source code - here




  -They should have used Winroc to check the CP & CG.



Additional Articles by Steve Roberson:

These articles are stored in Adobe Acrobat format.     Read me                  

Leader - An article about rocket history    (483K)
Camera - Latest info on my still camera projects    (1.43MB)
Photon - Complete Level 3 package for my big rocket    (553K)        NEW  (Photon - 5.34MB version)
Photon video - An article about the first flight of my video camera payload    (762K)
trailer - Construction details of my trailer mounted launch rail    (1MB)

Camera Mount Pictures by Steve Roberson

Video Camera Mount Pictures by Steve Roberson

In-Flight Video -

Photon1.avi    9.0 MB

Photon2.mpg    2.7 MB


For additional info, contact - winroc

Legal info - Free unaltered transmission in cyberspace granted.

This software is freeware, no warranty is implied in any sense. Use at your own risk!

Updated - Sunday November 13, 2011