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TRA  #  1445  L3      NAR  #  80269                                                                A Pictorial Guide of some of my hobby's.

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Windows Rocket Software.   Downloadable software to calculate altitude and center-of-pressure.


Altitude Calculator - CP Calculator - Motor Wizard - Thrust Curve Manager - and Graphing capability's  ( was   )

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NSL 2011

RocStock XXXII


RocStock XXX

RocStock 6.2009

On Board GPS & Video

RocStock 11.2008

RocStock 6.2008





ROCStock 25

ROCStock 24 

Balls 15

ROCStock 23

ROCStock 22  Level 3 Doc's

ROCStock 20

Balls 13

ROCstock 19

ROCstock 18

XPRS 09/03

ROCstock 17


ROCstock 11

Black Rock 1999 

More Rocket Stuff



My Level 3 Launch on 12.10.2005







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National O-Ring  Downey

Online Schools Library: Science - A Guide to Amateur Rocketry

My Lucerne Valley Ranch

1980 CT70 Rebuild

RocStock takes DATA-LINC to new heights as FastLinc modem withstands 7+Gs pressure

Old Family Pictures   

Rocket Stuff  Links  

Ford Mine    Silver Cliffs Mine      Silver Bell Mine       Camp Rock Mine       Cabin Camp Mine      Bagdad Chase Mine

Nike Missile Launch Site LA-43    Battery Paul D Bunker, BCN-127


44-6570 487th Bombardment Group (Heavy) of the 8th Air Force, United States Army Air Forces, Squadron 836

S/Sgt Douglas E. Seavert  LT Robert Portsch


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